Online Notarization.

Which means, being able to do it from anywhere, safely and quickly.

Valid in the USA.

The notarization is valid in all Territory of The United States, meaning is legal binding in United States, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, and any territory, insular possession, or other location subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.


The entire process is carried out through an encrypted videoconference. Which means confidentiality and peace of mind for you.

Digitally signed

The notarized document will include the digital signature. Which means that there can be no changes to the document without affecting the signature.

Se habla Español

Nos reuniremos en español o inglés, el idioma que prefieras. La plataforma empieza en inglés, sin embargo nuestra reunión será en el idioma que elijas.


Yes, an online notarized document is valid throughout the territory of the United States of America. Of course, the notary must meet the requirements to notarize online.

Notary Platform

For your peace of mind, I have partnered with BlueNotary. Platform authorized to perform notarial acts online safely.

How we work

Online Notarization Steps.

  • 01 - Upload the documents

  • 02 - Choose your best time

  • 03 - Get your document notarized

First, you upload the document (s) to be notarized.

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our fees

Clear Fees



  • One notarial act, one principal and one seal.
  • Aditional signer: $4
  • Aditional seals during the same session:$10 
  • Witness: Your witness: $5
  • Our Witness: $10
  • Payment Fee $3


Notarize your document