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1.Upload documents

You just need a PDF file.

Get your documents notarized!

Upload the file. But keep this in mind.

  1. We need a "good file". Very clear.
  2. Do not sign the document.
  3. The document has to be ready to sign. No blank spaces, like prices, dates or whatever. Just the signature space and signature date. If there are any blank spaces, you must be able to fill them out at the notarization session.
  4. The document has to be in PDF format.

technical issues

Don't have a PDF?

Check this out


If you have a Word Document, just open it in Word and then save as PDF.


If you have a picture, use the same process. Save it as PDF.


Or we can do it for you for an additional fee within our Secure Environment. Your file will stay confidential. The file will be ready for the notarization.

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