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Navigating the complexities of an Apostille? Our expert team eliminates confusion by providing end-to-end support for your international document needs. With our proven process and personal experience, we provide legally compliant Apostille documents that adhere to the highest standards, offering you peace of mind. Our innovative QR code feature adds convenience and accessibility.

Facing the intricacies of an apostille.

Getting an apostilles can be an overwhelming challenge, and missteps in the process may lead to significant repercussions if not addressed properly.

1. Costly delays: Incorrectly processed apostilles could lead to extended waiting periods, negatively impacting your personal, educational, or professional plans abroad.

2. Legal complications: Non-compliant documents might result in legal disputes or complications, causing unnecessary stress and potential damage to your reputation.

3. Wasted time and resources: Attempting to navigate the apostille process on your own can consume valuable time and resources, taking you away from what truly matters.

4. Rejection by foreign authorities: Failure to meet legal Apostille requirements could lead to your documents being rejected by foreign authorities, jeopardizing your international endeavors.

why work with us?

Enjoy the benefits of an expert Apostille Service

Apostille that complies

You will receive an apostille in accordance with the Law and the apostille treaty.

Digital Copy 

You can elect to get a digitally signed PDF, containing a copy of the complete apostilled document. We will provide a QR for easy download.

We'll send it

We’ll save you time by sending the document directly to the United States or your home country.

In three easy steps

1. We check the document.

At Notariando, our primary goal is to ensure your documents are properly prepared for the apostille process. We carefully review your documents to confirm they are in order and ready. However, please note that our review focuses on the document’s structure and format, not the content itself. Our expertise helps streamline the apostille process while allowing you to maintain full responsibility for the accuracy of your document’s content.

2. We notarize your document

Once your documents have been reviewed and confirmed to be in order for the apostille process, the next crucial step is notarization. We will send you a mobile notary* or we will notarize online. This step not only validates the authenticity of the signatures but also establishes a strong foundation for a smooth and successful apostille experience. Trust in our expertise to assist you with every aspect of the process, from document review to notarization and beyond.

3. We process the apostille for you.

Following the successful notarization of your documents, the third step is processing the apostille. At Notariando, we take care of this vital step for you by liaising with the Secretary of State on your behalf. Our experienced team ensures that your documents are properly apostilled in compliance with all legal requirements, providing you with a seamless and hassle-free experience. Once apostilled, we will send it according to your instructions.



Online Notarization:
  • Remote Notarization.
  • Apostille before the Secretary of State
  • Time: About 7 business days
  • Shipping to USA: $15



  • In-person Notarization, we will visit you. Cleveland Area
  • Apostille before the Secretary of State
  • Time: About 7 days.
  • Free shipping to continental USA



FBI Background Check Apostille:
  • Coming soon

about us

We use our experience to create yours

At Notariando, we know that real-life experience is the key to great service. Our founder, who was born in another country, has personally gone through the process of sending apostilled documents back home. This firsthand knowledge helps us truly understand the apostille process, and we use that understanding to make things easier for our clients. We know what you’re going through and work hard to make the process simple and worry-free for you, offering a reliable apostille service you can count on.

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